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Saber Buds
Collin and Clark at the RYC in Denver
New Mexico Open
New ratings all around - A '14 and E '14
New ratings all around - A '14 and E '14

Duke City Fencing
will be closed Saturday,
May 30th
Duke City Fencing is Albuquerque's only dedicated facility for the sport of fencing!
We are a full service club offering lockers, a complete armory for weapon repair, 6 electric strips, private or group lessons and many other amenities.
May Footwork Schedule:
1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd
6:00 - 7:00pm
Free to Members!

Your Next Event:

Friday Night Fights - Epee
DCF, Albuquerque
May 29th
for more info:
505 872 0048
Avant - Garde Saber Cup 
AGCF Los Angeles, CA
May 31st 
For more info
DCF Summer Pool Party
June 13 @ the Hagers
for more info:
502 872 0048

Another Bodycord Repair
Askhat in the Armory


Results, Results, Results!
Swish & Flick
International School, ABQ
May 16th
Y-14 Mixed Saber
1.  Mark K.
2.  Claire R.
Senior Mixed  Saber
1.  Askhat T.
2.  Collin B.
3.  Caleb S.
5.  Claire R.
One Touch Epee Tournament
May 9th 
1. Askhat T.
2. Jay G.
3. Sam B.
3. Kameron H.
5. Jack K.
6. Anthony J.
7. Antoine G.
8. David W.
9. Andy C.
10. Luna W.
11. Annaka W.
12. Maggie G.
13. Molly T.
14. Chief N.
15. Noah T.
16. David M.
17. Collin B.
18. Amaris K.
19. Marcus S.
20. Loren P.
21. Liam K.
22. Asher T.
RYC 3 Denver 
Denver Fencing Center, Denver CO 
April 25th - April 26th
Y-12 Men's Saber
2. Collin B.
Y-14 Men's Saber
3.Collin B.
Rain City SYC
Rain City Fencing Center, Seattle WA
April 25th- 26th
Y-12 Men's Foil 
14. David W.
Y-14 Men's Foil
38. David W.