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The New 2017 - 2018 Season Is Here!


Regular hours begin Tuesday, August 1st




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Our Saber Guys at Nationals
Clark, Logan and Karl
A game of chess
Logan Wins Natioanl Recogintion for Y12 Saber
Region 4 -- Youth 12 Silver
Troy and Abigial
Duke City Fencing is Albuquerque's only dedicated facility for the sport of fencing.
We are a full service club offering lockers, a complete armory for weapon repair, 6 electric strips, private or group lessons and many other amenities.
August Footwork
Friday's 6pm - 7pm
4th, 11th, 18th and 25th
The Boys of Summer Nationals
Jack, Karl and Clark in SLC
Allison get National Medal in Salt Lake City
Summer Nationals 2017
Results, Results, Results!!
Pan American Veteran Championships
St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
July 26th
Women's Foil
2.  Allison T.
Summer Nationals
Salt Lake City, UT
July 1 - 10
Youth 12 Men's Saber
35.  Clark H.
48.  Logan F.
57.  Reilly B.
Youth 14 Men's  Saber #cc3399
71.   Logan F.#cc3399
167. Clark H.
201. Reilly B.
Div 2 Men's Saber
108.  Karl T.
Div 3 Men's Saber
40.  Karl T.
Vet-50 Women's Foil
3. Allison T. C17 
Div 2 Men's Foil
45. Askhat T.
116. David W.
Junior Men's Foil
151. David W.
Cadet Men's  Foil
159.  David W.
Youth 10 Men's Foil
103. Jackson R.
Youth 14 Men's Epee
177.  Reilly B.
Junior Men's Epee
18. Jack K.
Div IA Men's Epee
12.  Jack K.
Div IA Men's  Foil
112.  Askhat T.
Div  I Men's Foil
120.  Askhat T.
Look at that footwork!
Askhat and Logan - Summer Nationals 2017
Salt Lake City 2017