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Learn to Fence - Each Saturday

11am - 12pm

115$ for 10 classes


This is an introduction to the sport of fencing for children 9 - 15. 

No experience needed is needed to join.     

First class is offered free.

Equipment provided.

Enrollment in all classes is ongoing.


What to wear to class

T-shirt, sweat pants and sneakers that are laced appropriately for sports.

Jeans do not allow easy movement of legs.  Shoes must be non-marking.


Advanced Beginner Youth Classes -

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  4pm - 5:15pm 

95$ per month


This is the second level of classes for students.

Appropriate for ages 9 - 15.  

Students must purchase their own glove.


Mini Musketeer Classes -

Wednesday     4pm - 4:45pm

Friday             5pm - 5:45pm                                       

Saturday        10am - 10:45am

65$ per month

This class is for our youngest new fencers;  ages 6 -9. 

Equipment is light weight and easily handled by youngsters. 

The focus is on the basic movements and skills of fencing. 

Students must take two private lessons prior to joining this class.

All equipment provided.


Adult Recreational Evenings -

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  6:30pm - 9pm                                                               

Wednesday  3pm - 9pm                                                                

Friday 6pm - 9pm

100$ for 5 private lessons

This is appropriate for those 15 and older.

Private lessons are the primary method of teaching.

Coaches focus lessons on form, footwork and technique. 

Equipment included for the first three months.


Competitive Training -

Monday - Thursday from 5:30 pm on

Competitive training is by invitation only. 

The program includes fencers ages 9 through adult.

The focus is to train for competition on a regional and national level.

You must have all your own equipment for this program.


General Information

What if I already fence and have my own equipment?


Open Bouting - 

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  6:30pm - 9pm         

Wednesday   3pm - 9pm            

Friday           6pm - 9pm   

Saturday      10am - 12pm

80$ per month


Come in on your own schedule and fence with others.

You must be over 18 years of age for Open Bouting.

If you are under 18 years, Open Bouting is $100 per month.


Annual Membership Fee

$100 per year.

$150 per year for a family membership.

How do I join?

New fencers between the ages of 9 - 15 should start in our Saturday "Learn to Fence" class. If you are unable to make the Saturday class, you may substitute private lessons.  Private lessons may be scheduled for weekdays and Saturdays.


New fencers ages 6 - 9 should start by coming in to view a Mini Musketeer class and get a tour of the club.  Before joining the Mini Musketeer class, two private lessons are required.  These lessons may be scheduled most evenings and on Wednesdays beginning at 3pm.